Formuler Z8 “Combo+” Entertainment Zone included+ i8 remote

247.97$ 229.98$



The new Formuler Z8 is an android TV box that holds a processor that will allow you to perform recording with a very good fluidity and this in all simplicity. It has very interesting features in its processor which is listed if below. It is also a very rigid box of quality and that includes an antenna that will allow you to receive the Wi-Fi signals with more efficiency. His menu lancher is unique and will amazing your experience by their MyTvonline2 Tv guide. That is one of the best android Tv Box in the market.


  • FORMULER Z8 Android 7. 1.2 (android V.8.0 equivalent)
  • 2 Go de RAM 16 Go ROM 4 K.
  • Dual Band 5G, Gigabit LAN.
  •  US CN Power supply
  •  Note : 2 piles AAA are included


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